"I once read that when you find a great editor, you should never let go of them—and try to keep them a secret. I'm so grateful to work with Paul. He has a sharp eye for detail as well as the ability to zoom out for big-picture feedback. It's been particularly helpful to see his suggestions for the beginnings and ends of pieces; they always tie things up nicely and strike the right tone. I've been searching for a writing partner like Paul for years, and feel lucky to have found him."
Nathalie Arbel
Writer, Nathalie Arbel Content Studio
"Hiring Paul was the best decision I’ve made in my writing career. Paul stands out by paying careful attention to my needs and showing a genuine interest in the stories I’m trying to tell. Every communication is thoughtful and engaging, every question explored in depth. I feel like I’ve stumbled on a goldmine of information and through Paul I’ve learned so much about the craft of writing. From a high level, Paul is able to help fully realize my characters, iron out plot, identify pacing issues, and suggest new, exciting additions. On a micro-level, he is meticulous and his polishing of all the tiny blemishes and inconsistencies adds up. Feedback is always candid (‘big-league honesty,’ I believe he called it) but he is always respectful and constructive. My writing is reaching its full potential with Paul and I am undoubtedly a better writer because of his guidance."
Matthew Varga
Author, The Unchosen and the 'Children of the Dark' series
"Before working with Paul, I was struggling with both the editing of my first book and my confidence. I was accustomed to academic writing, but wasn't sure my words would be appealing to the general reader. Not only did Paul completely bring the book to life, he also taught me so much along the way, making the whole process enjoyable. I have received such lovely feedback on the published version, which has improved my confidence greatly. I learned a great deal through working with Paul, and I am especially grateful for his patience, clarity and organisation throughout. I can't imagine ever going to anyone else for editing. Thank you Paul!"
Rebecca Healey, MD
Physician and Author
"Paul is exceptional. He consistently goes above-and-beyond, not only editing my text, but helping me refine my message. The term 'editor' doesn't fully capture what Paul brings to a project—he's a teacher, thought-partner, and a true master of the craft of writing. Paul is responsive, versatile, professional, and I wholeheartedly recommend working with him."
David Bailey
Business Author and Entrepreneur
"In my first ever experience working with an editor, I couldn’t have known what I got when I hired Paul Fairbairn. His coaching and insight truly helped shape the work and deepened my understanding of writing. His comments, suggestions, and corrections hit the mark and were delivered with a nice comedic tone. He made the process a pleasurable one. I can’t wait to finish the next project to get the chance to work with him again."
Sean Casey
Author, The Hollow City, and the 'Network' series
"Paul is a master editor and I don’t use the word 'master' lightly. Having Paul smooth the edges—and teach me along the way—was a true joy to experience. Paul exceeded my expectations and blew my mind with the quality of his work and communication! He took my writing from a 7 to a 10 and his attention to the subtle details and nuances of the writing process was beautiful to experience. If you need an editor, hire Paul. If you’re not sure who can handle your project, hire Paul."
Ken Fried
Writer and Life Coach
"Paul was timely, professional, easy to work with, fun, funny, supportive and added value through my project. Paul was direct and balanced with his views. His editing skills are excellent and he provided excellent feedback to my work. I look forward to working with Paul again."
Chris Thompson
Writer and Educator
"If you're an author like myself, you and I require someone to appraise our written words, our craft, the creation that others identify with our name. Paul is a one-man institution of the word; his insights into the technical aspects of writing were no less profound than his creative and artistic input. His detailed feedback educated me, made me a better writer and immediately improved my work, but still preserved my creative voice and left my confidence intact. Paul's edits are fast and concise, his suggestions intuitive, totally in sync with my own. His skill inspired the writing of my book to flow in new directions, in ways I would never have discovered otherwise without his professional and systematic help."
CS Shafer
Author, Lost in Volcano
"Paul is a rare find. Many can associate letters to words to sentences, fewer can add style and appeal; a select few can masterfully orchestrate a mindful symphony, leading to a dimension that is outside of the visual space. Paul is one of these few."
Moses S
Author, creator of 'The Quick and Brutal Guides' series