Give your work the care and attention it deserves with one of the UK's most sought-after editors

Great editing makes great writing. It's no secret, but sometimes it feels like it is.

"I've been searching for a writing partner like Paul for years!"
Nathalie Arbel
Writer, Nathalie Arbel Content Studios
I’ve been a professional editor and writer for twenty-five years, and I can help YOU make your writing stand out from the crowd. Whether you need proofreading, mentoring, or substantial development of your project, I’ve done it all and worked with some great authors over the years. I can help.

As writers, we’re often too close to our work, and that makes it almost impossible to see it clearly. A great editor can take that step back and see things objectively. A great editor will show you what’s working and what’s not, where you can improve and where you’re already hitting it out of the park. And most importantly, a great editor is a reader, and they’ll help you meet the needs and expectations of YOUR readers.

Together, we can achieve anything!

Every author needs an editor. It’s that simple. Stephen King has an editor. Lee Child has an editor. Even Hemingway needed an editor, though that was probably a tough gig. Every writer on every bestseller list relies on their editor for advice and guidance. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned pro, whether you have a rough early draft or a ready-for-publication manuscript, I have the perfect package for you.


A comprehensive proofread leaves your work perfect. Don’t let typos, spelling, grammar and inconsistencies get in the way of your story. A professional proofread will eliminate all of these errors, and more, letting your prose shine through.

A full line edit gives your work depth and quality. Sentence and paragraph structure can be reworked, word usage improved, and style polished and perfected. Your writing will stand out, but, more importantly, your unique voice will remain to tell your story.

Developmental editing is the ultimate aid to your work. Your whole novel will be analysed for style and structure, for plot and pacing, for colour and characterisation. Even the world’s best (and bestselling) authors rely on their editors to help them through this process. And once it’s done, your book will come to life.