"Paul is a one-man institution of the word . . . he made me a better writer."
C.S. Shafer

All manuscripts are different, and every author has different needs. I tailor my work to each client individually, so fees can vary enormously, depending on the amount of collaboration required and the degree of editorial input needed to get a manuscript into a professional, publishable condition. However, these guideline will give you an idea of typical fees. Your project may differ, so please contact me to arrange a firm quote.

Level 1 Edit – Proofreading

This is the simplest, quickest and least expensive of my editing services. Your manuscript will be thoroughly scanned, and the following errors will be identified and fixed or deleted, as appropriate:

  • typos
  • spelling mistakes
  • commonly-confused words (there and their; where and wear; bare and bear, to, too and two, etc.)
  • grammatical errors
  • syntax errors
  • punctuation
  • tense confusion/inconsistency

Proofreading is suitable for a manuscript that is ready for publication, and requires just the final polish to make it perfect. My standard rate for this service is $0.015 per word, and all proofreading work is guaranteed—in the unlikely event that an error remains in your manuscript after proofreading, you will receive a second edit, completely free of charge.

Level 2 Edit – Line editing

Line editing is a thorough examination of your manuscript. This service includes everything in a Level 1 Edit, plus the following services:

  • your manuscript will be evaluated on a line-by-line basis, and any problems with sentence structure will be identified, with suggestions noted in the manuscript using the ‘Comments’ feature
  • problems with paragraph structure and content will be identified, with suggestions noted in the manuscript using the ‘Comments’ feature
  • word usage (i.e. underwriting, overwriting, etc.) will be evaluated and suggestions for improvement given
  • stylistic considerations will be examined (metaphor, simile, prose style) and any suggestions for improvement or change given

Whilst this is a comprehensive edit, great care is always taken to preserve, and strengthen, the author’s individual voice; it is not an editor’s job to rewrite or ghostwrite, but rather to enhance the author’s natural talents and unique style.

My typical rate for a Level 2 edit is $0.043 per word, which includes a full Level 1 Edit.

Level 3 – Developmental editing

This is my most comprehensive package, and is perfect for both new writers and seasoned authors alike. It includes both Level 1 and 2 Edits, plus the following services:

  • a complete analysis of your novel, with an accompanying report of 1000 to 5000 words detailing all findings, including summaries of the novel’s strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement where needed
  • a chapter-by-chapter analysis of plot, pacing, theme, characterization and dialogue, with suggestions for improvement or change where necessary
  • a thorough examination of theme and subtext, with attention given to through-lines, resonance and symbolism, with thoughts and advice given if needed

This detailed, specialist process will give your work greater depth and provide you with insights on your novel that you may not have considered before. Such depth appeals to readers and helps draw them into your story. My typical rate for this service is $0.052 per word.